Denis Spycher

When I decided in 1997 to quit my IT job to try my luck as a runner in film, I didn’t yet know which direction I would take. Peter Beck gave me the privilege of getting to know different departments, but I really got stuck in postproduction. So I was able to combine my technical understanding with the creative to get to know a wide range of hardware and software. Whether for editing, compositing or finishing, I was present at every step of the process to learn and optimize the workflow.
After 13 years with Beck & Friends, I switched to advertising. I was asked by the then young Zurich film production company ‘Stories AG’ whether I would like to take part in setting up postproduction. This was the beginning of a very exciting and intensive phase in my life. I became more and more involved on the set as a VTR, DIT and VisualFX supervisor. I quickly realized that a simple recording/playback was no longer up to date. Therefore I wanted to offer more and decided for a software and hardware combination which, if used correctly, could save time and money for a production.
In 2017 I dared to found my own company to pass on my experience.
Hobby: To visit and photograph film locations that inspired me. See underĀ