QTAKE is a software which, with the right hardware, is a universal tool for camera monitoring and provides all departments with the right data.
  • Clients, agencies, directors and the vfx team can follow the live stream from the film set in Switzerland from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Up to 4 cameras can be recorded simultaneously and played back synchronously.
  • It helps the director in creativity to keep track of scene connections and timing.
  • It allows the DOP and the Gaffer to adjust the colors of the image.
  • The vfx team can be shown the right background in a green/blue screen shot, in real time!
  • The crew is able to keep an eye on the camera’s view on the iPad or iPhone and thus intervene accordingly.
  • If the customer wants to see his logo in the image to determine the correct framing of the shot, this is no problem.
  • The editor already gets its material sorted by scenes.
  • All data can be collected from the set and handed over to postproduction as PDF or XML.

Technical Features

Instant Record & Playback

After each recording, QTAKE can automatically switch from LIVE to DISK mode, making your shot review just a click away. Insert markers and chapters during recording and use multiple in/out points for series of takes!
Camera Metadata
Digital Cinema cameras from RED or ARRI can embed additional information into SDI signal. QTAKE can read this data and store it to improve project workflow. By reading camera media filename, QTAKE files can be used for conform-ready offline editing.
Off-speed and Ramps
In addition to standard playback controls, you can playback clips with variable speed or create customizable ramps. Add multiple keyframes with speed control to create ramps instantly without rendering.
Scopes & False Color
Using SCOPES Module, you can analyze live or playback image using realtime Waveform, Vectorscope and Histogram tools. In addition, this module provides adjustable False Color mode for analyzing image exposure.
Realtime Composite
With QTAKE you can prepare the vfx shots with ease. Create realtime 2 layer composite with various blend-modes, blue/greenscreen keying or wipe transition. You can use any two sources for overlay, live or disk.
QTAKE HDx2 can perform live preview, capture and playback directly to a 3D monitor. QTAKE processes left and right eye SDI feed into variety of industry standard formats. Using MUXER module single QTAKE system can serve two 3D rigs.
3D LUTs and CDL
Digital cameras usually provide flat, low contrast output. QTAKE can perform realtime color grading using industry standard CDL color corrections. In addition you can import and apply Iridas 3D Luts, that will be stored separately for each clip.
QTAKE Monitor
Turns any iOS device into wireless on-set monitor with a very low latency of just 1.5 frames. In addition to dual camera monitoring, one QTAKE Monitor device can use TALKBACK feature to communicate with QTAKE Operator.
Cloud Streaming
QTAKE Cloud extends the functionality of the QTAKE STREAM module to reach customers, clients or directors across the local network and around the world. Via a secure, encrypted connection, up to 4 cameras with metadata can be streamed from a single QTAKE system to all Apple platforms (iOS, macOS, tvOS).
PDF Report
Export shooting reports with thumbnails and metadata to PDF documents. Reports will include every important piece of meta-data associated with media. Filter clip selection by shooting day, scene and other clip properties.